Sandy Dumbrowski’s Personality Development as Seen in Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey’s Grease


       This study analyses a drama entitled  Grease  written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. The analysis focuses more on the characteristic and personality development. 
     There are three purposes in writing this thesis: (1) To find out how the characters in the play are described. (2) To know the description and explanation of the main character’s personality development. (3) To show the factors that affect Sandy Dumbrowski’s personality development in Grease. 
        This study is mainly library research helped with online data as a secondary source. The primary source is the Script of the play,  Grease, a New 50’s Rock ‘n Roll Musical,  written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. There are also some secondary sources that include literary theories, as well as online sources that discuss  Grease and a character’s traits within the play. 
     Three  points  can  be  concluded  after  analyzing  the  play.  First,  the  main character, Sandy Dumbrowski, is cute, kind, pure, naïve, shy and at times a bit clumsy. Sandy Dumbrowski is the typical teenage girl struggling with her life inside Rydell High School. Her love with Danny Zuko will lead her to a love story of a teenager. In the story, she will try to fit in with the Pink Ladies, a group of popular girls at school. The second part tells us about the description of Sandy Dumbrowki’s personality development. Her personality will change from shy, kind, and a bit clumsy into a brave, straightforward, and confident girl. This personality development occurred near the end of the story. The third point gives us the description and explanations  of  factors  that  play  a  big  part  in  affecting  Sandy’s  personality development. The first factor is from physical determinants. This is about her physical appearance and traits. Inside the play, she is finding difficulty to fit in within the Pink Ladies group because of her conservative appearance. The second factor is about her intellectual behavior. Some of her friends consider her as a clumsy girl, and this in turn displays her personality and her traits. The third factor is related to her emotional factor. This factor describes how Sandy is feeling towards Danny. The fourth factor relates to Sandy’s social factors. In this part, Sandy tries hard to fit in with the group, especially the Pink Ladies, and this changes her personality later on at the end of the play. The fifth factor is the aspiration and achievement factor, which involves her goal to get Danny’s love. The sixth factor is about the sex factor, which tells us about Sandy’s love story. The seventh factor is the educational view which relates to her school environment. This plays a big part in Sandy’s development for it also relates to all of her schoolmates. The final factor is about family factors that shape Sandy’s personality and behavior from the beginning of the play. 


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